110KV Inflatable Cabinets
110KV Inflatable Cabinets
110KV Inflatable Cabinets

HPLB Type Circuit Breaker

The Pressurized Arc extinguishing chamber makes full use of the contact motion as well as the SF6 airflow to cool and blow out the arc. We have been providing pure SF6 gas arc extinguishing chambers since the 1970s. The company began using this technology to produce the world's best performing HPLB arc extinguishing chamber, which provides optimal switching safety for all system conditions from smaller reactance currents to 63kA short-circuit currents. For many years, the company has been using spring operating mechanism. The great advantage of this solution is that it is ready to use the energy stored in the spring: Twickenham's HPL circuit breaker product line has a rated voltage of 72.5-550 kV and an open current of up to 63kA to meet the highest customer requirements. This series of products is developed on the basis of the latest advances in insulation and arc physics research.
The company has been producing SF6 circuit breakers with pressurized arc extinguishing Chambers since 1981.
The HPL circuit Breaker uses the BLG operating mechanism (the operating mechanism that uses the motor to store the spring energy) to operate, and the BLG-type operating mechanism refers to the relevant instructions.
The design technology of the HPL circuit breaker has been well confirmed (more than 12,700 devices are now in use).

Design characteristics of pressurized arc extinguishing chamber
At the closing position, the circuit breaker contact is closed, and the current is introduced from the upper current channel to the lower current channel through the main contact and the pressure cylinder. At the gate, the moving parts of the main and arc contacts, as well as the pressurized cylinders and nozzles, are pushed to the gate position, noting that at this time the moving contacts, nozzles and pressure cylinders will form a moving assembly in this case, and the pressure extinguishing chamber used in the special Rui Porcelain column circuit breaker (such as the HPL circuit breaker) is a single stroke design When the moving assembly is pushed to the gate position, the filling valve is forced to close and the SF6 gas begins to be compressed between the moving pressure cylinder and the fixed piston. The first detached contact is the primary contact, and the main contact can be well separated before the arc-extinguishing contact is separated, which ensures that the arc is produced only between the arc contacts and inside the nozzle.
When the arc contact is separated, the arc is generated between the dynamic arc contact and the static arc contact. When the arc burns, it can, to some extent, prevent the SF6 from flowing through the nozzle. As a result, the gas pressure in the compressor chamber will continue to increase. When the current waveform passes through 0 o'clock, the arc becomes relatively weak. At this point, the compressed SF6 gas flows out of the pressure chamber through the nozzle, blowing out the arc.
At the gate position, there is sufficient distance between the static contact head and the moving contact to achieve the rated insulation tolerance value. When closing, the filling valve opens, SF6 gas into the pressure cylinder.
Please note that the SF required to extinguish the arc. The gas pressure is increased by mechanical means. Therefore, the circuit breaker using the pressurized Arc extinguishing chamber needs an operating mechanism with sufficient energy to overcome the increased pressure in the arc blowing space, while disconnecting the rated short-circuit current and being able to withstand the contact speed required to restore the voltage.

Design characteristics and advantages of HPLB type circuit breaker
HPL can be used for single-phase operation or three-phase linkage operation.
Both modes of operation are possible for circuit breakers with a single fracture of F. For multi-fracture circuit breakers, only single-phase operation can be used.
The three polar columns of the circuit breaker are mounted on a special bracket. For three-phase operation, the circuit breaker pole column and the operating mechanism use a lever to connect at one. Each pole bar has its own dedicated gate spring. Each circuit breaker Pole column contains a sealed SF inflatable unit, including an arc extinguishing unit, a support porcelain bottle, and an institutional box.

HPLB2 Type Circuit Breaker
1. Arc Extinguishing Chamber
2. Support for porcelain bottles
3. Bracket
4. BLG type operating mechanism
5. Sub-gate Spring
6. Gas monitoring device (opposite)


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