XL-21 Low voltage power Distribution Box
XL-21 Low voltage power Distribution Box
XL-21 Low voltage power Distribution Box

Inflatable cabinet ManufacturersOverview of XL-21 low voltage power Distribution box Products

XL-21 low-voltage power distribution box system closed, shell with steel plate bending, knife switch operation handle in the front of the box right column, can be used as a switching power supply only. The front of the distribution box is fitted with a constant voltmeter indicating the voltage of the confluence bus. There is a door in front of the distribution box, after the door is opened, all the equipment in the distribution box is scattered, easy to repair and maintain. The distribution box is used in the domestic automatic design of components, distribution box in addition to equipped with air circuit breakers and fuses as short-circuit protection, but also equipped with contactors and thermal relays, box front can be installed operation buttons and indicators.

Usage Features

Thoroughly solve the personal injury caused by poor grounding of box body and overlapping of foreign bodies.

Low combined cost of use, disposable investment can be used for more than 20 years (excluding metal box replacement time and cumulative cost);

Unique box design, effectively resist the impact of external forces.

High material recovery costs prevent the body from being stolen.

This splicing method reduces the maintenance cost of the box (only damaged parts can be replaced).

High temperature combustion does not produce asphyxiating gases.

In short, the low voltage cable line box made of fiber reinforced polyester material has the advantages of good insulation, corrosion resistance, long service life and simple installation.